Conserving threatened ecosystems in Indonesia with local communities.



Few countries on earth can rival Indonesia’s natural riches. The rainforests of this island nation harbour an incredible diversity of species, from orangutans to elephants, tigers and rhinos, and store vast amounts of carbon. However, as many forest-dwelling communities in Indonesia have little to no land rights, they don’t have the power to protect the forest from destruction by outsiders. Often, they also lack access to basic services and have no choice themselves but to exploit natural resources to survive. This vicious cycle of rural poverty and unsustainable development is driving deforestation and a rapid loss of biodiversity across the country, with dire consequences for local livelihoods and the planet.

Planet Indonesia's response

We partner with Planet Indonesia, a locally based organisation that works with villages in the West Kalimantan province of Indonesia to address the twin challenges of poverty and environmental degradation and protect vulnerable ecosystems. Planet Indonesia helps villages establish self-governed Conservation Cooperatives to manage their natural resources, improve agricultural practices, restore degraded ecosystems and patrol protected land and sea to deter illegal logging, fishing and poaching. To strengthen the monitoring of local wildlife population and allow for the rapid detection of threats, Planet Indonesia also deploys highly sensitive microphones and AI-driven eco-acoustic software across these community conservation areas.

Supported since

February 2023