Cartier for Nature provides grants to non-profit organisations and social enterprises to support biodiversity conservation and restoration initiatives designed for impact at scale.

A primary focus of Cartier for Nature's work is on forest biodiversity and the ecosystem services that forests offer, such as providing natural resources, water purification, flood control and nature-based recreation. Cartier for Nature also support the conservation of other critical terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems, and does not limit its work to a particular geography.

Cartier for Nature does not issue calls for proposals, but rather seeks partners proactively. Through recommendations from its network and a robust due diligence process, Cartier for Nature identifies organisations whose work is informed by scientific evidence, driven by measurable impact at scale, and deeply rooted in the conviction that people and nature can coexist harmoniously.  

Cartier for Nature also engages with coalitions of organisations and with other funders to increase its impact. 

Most of Cartier for Nature's grants are between CHF 100,000 and CHF 500,000 per year and for a duration of three years or more. In this way,
Cartier for Nature aims to provide partners with long-term support to help them achieve their missions, and offer flexibility based on trust and a shared vision of outcomes.

Annual report

Discover more about the work of Cartier for Nature's partners in the annual report.