Empowering livestock herders and wildlife to thrive.



In south-western Zambia, like many parts of southern Africa, local herding communities and their livestock live alongside lions, elephants and panthers. Conflicts between humans and wildlife are frequent since they share degraded lands and scarce water resources. Elephants damage crops in their search for food, while lions and panthers prey on cattle and can sometimes even injure or kill people when passing near their villages. At the same time, livestock herds often overgraze pastures and deplete the land, threatening the survival of many endangered species.

Peace Parks Foundation's response

We support Peace Parks Foundation to empower local communities to coexist with wildlife and reduce conflicts. Working with pastoralists, this African non-profit organisation develops and promotes sustainable herding practices that help regenerate degraded rangelands, keep predators away from cattle and improve livestock health. The communities that participate in these programmes become more resilient to climate change, droughts and other perils, earn more stable livelihoods and are enabled to live peacefully alongside the surrounding wildlife.

Supported since

September 2022